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jewelry care

so you have new jewelry. hooray!!!!!

I am so excited and honored that one of my creations has become part of your life story.

my pieces are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality materials. which means that with proper care, your favorite jules sontag pieces can be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime.

a little TLC goes a long way toward keeping your jewels looking their best.

general care tips:

1. definitely remove your jewelry before bathing, swimming, and exposure to extreme humidity - especially if there are stones in the piece.

rings with porous stones such as turquoise, and transparent stones in a closed-back bezel setting should be removed before washing your hands.

opals are sensitive to water and extremes in temperature. to avoid heartbreak, please do your very best to keep them safe and dry!

2. creams, lotions, hairspray, oils or perfume can be damaging to stones and the surface of the metal - always be sure to put your jewelry on last.

3. for gentle cleaning, a soft toothbrush, lukewarm water and mild dish soap should do the trick.

4. silver, brass and bronze will develop a natural patina over time. humidity and some types of skin chemistry will accelerate this process. some find the aged / oxidized finish to be beautiful and fascinating; after time, the piece truly becomes your own as it gains character.

if the naturally aged look isn't to your taste, here are some tips to keep your polished jewelry looking shinier for longer:

5. if you don’t plan to wear your piece for a while, store it in an airtight plastic bag, and be sure to wipe it down first with a soft cloth to remove dirt and body oils. when packing your jewelry for travel, store each piece in a separate bag to prevent scratching.

6. for bonus points, an anti-tarnish tab placed in the bag or a special anti-tarnish bag will help to slow down the process (and I'll tuck one in with any polished piece you purchase!)

7. finally, a professional jewelry polishing cloth / pad can be used to restore the original shine. I always include a sample with any highly polished piece, and extras are available for purchase on my website. these can also be found at most fine jewelry stores. never use harsh abrasive chemicals or 'dip' cleaners as these are harmful to the finish on the piece and can wreak havoc on delicate stones.


to help you care for your high polish (shiny) pieces, I have put together a nifty jewelry care kit for you!

to use the items in the care kit:

polishing pad: these magical white squares are very handy and easy to use. gently rub your piece with the pad to quickly remove oxidation (tarnish). one pad will clean your piece many times before it needs to be replaced. When cut into strips, they're excellent for getting into the nooks and crannies. when both sides of the pad are completely black, it's time to replace!

*note: do not use this pad to clean blackened (oxidized) pieces as it will remove the patina. Instead, a soft toothbrush, lukewarm water and mild dish soap should do the trick.

anti-tarnish bag: effective for up to 5 years. when you need to store your jewelry, keep it in this genius little bag to keep it much shinier for much longer! when the color changes from copper to black, it's time to replace it. these are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.


if your jules sontag jewelry needs some TLC; cleaning, refinishing or repairs, please send a note to let me know how I can help (a photo is very helpful if the piece is damaged). Repairs for minor damage are free for the first year after you purchase your piece(s).

if you have additional questions about caring for your jewelry, please get in touch! You’ll find the 'contact' button at the bottom of the website or email me: hello(at)julessontag(dot)com.